Granite Monuments

Granite Monuments

Two City Funeral Industry is a  professional manufacturer and exporters of monuments (cenotaphs, tombstones or memorials) with over 15years located in  of China. We offer different types stone monuments and funeral accessories products. American granite monument, granite markers, bench memorials, stone headstones, cremation urns,brass urns, funeral stone vase and ash pendant(jewerly) etc. 

We produce different styles of granite monuments.We always work the stone monuments upon customer's design. We accept orders from big wholesalers, distributors or private for past lovers, pets.

American monuments-Granite monuments(die+base), granite headstones, bench memorials, granite markers etc

European tombstones-Full sets of tombstones in different designs etc

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We ship over 20 containers of monuments monthly to abroad markets such as European countries ( Ireland, UK, Poland, Hungry, Romania, Crotia, Estonia, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland, Norway, Italy, Lativa, Russia, etc. ), Canada, America, Middle East, Southeast  Asia, South Africa etc. 
Our staff are all well-trained and professional for order processing, quality inspection, packing, loading and transportation. 
The popular commodities we supply manily are monuments or relevant commodities, for an instance: die stone, stele, obelisk, headstone, monument, gravestone, tombstone, cemetery stone, funeral stone, cemetery monument, kerbset, celtic cross, stone casket, cremation, vase, granite lantern, granite bench for cemetery, granite angel, virgin mary, Christ, pieta, granite fountain, grave marker, slant, grass marker, granite fence for cemetery yard, graveyard, church yard etc.